Children’s photography, children’s photo session

дитяча фотографія

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Children’s photography, children’s photo session

Children’s photography, children’s photo session is the better, than in a more relaxed environment will be a child. Those. A picture of the child, during the children’s photo shoot, will work out the best way, if you give the child to play in a relaxed atmosphere, and yourself, preferably from a distance, will observe and photograph. The children’s picture looks interesting, if it is shot during the game, in dynamics. Then the photo shows how the child develops, what interests him, how curious he is.

Baby photo, girl in dress
Children’s photography, children’s photo session


For this, in children’s photography, it is possible to use lenses with a large focal length, so as not to be too close, to give space for the game. Suitable focal length of 50 units. And better than 100. This will make a portrait, being a few meters from the child.

Children’s photography, Order a children’s photographer

Order a children’s photographer for a children’s photo shoot can be right on this page. To do this, just do one of the following:

  • Call by phone +38 067 282 13 41 or +38 050 07 017 46
  • Fill out the form below and send it to me, and I will contact you
  • Dial me in skype: zabolotnyiAN

Price of children’s photos

The price of a children’s photo shoot will depend on the time, the place for holding a photo session. But, usually, this is from 400 UAH. This price includes all photos taken at the shooting leveled by light and shadow, i.e. Quality photos, which is about 100 pieces. The selected 5 pieces will be retouched and brought to a magazine quality.

Have a good shot and have fun with photography. Best wishes for children’s photographer from Dnepropetrovsk Alexander Zabolotny.

+38 050 070 17 46

+38 067 282 13 41

Skype: zabolotnyiAN

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