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interior photography or interior Photo

For the quality of the advertising company just needed a quality photograph of the interior. How to get high-quality photos of the interior? To achieve this, just need to withstand three basic rules.

Photo Studio Alexander Zabolotny offers quality services Photo interior.

interior of the restaurant, an eagle made of wood
interior of the restaurant, an eagle made of wood

We know how to take a photo of the interior delicious!

Firstly – wide coverage of the room! It is necessary to place the camera so that the lens has got the greatest possible area of the room. Interior photo should show a complete picture. If necessary, use a wide-angle lens or make a panoramic photograph.

Second – you need quality lighting! To achieve this purpose, or additional artificial lighting, or used stack shooting. Stack shooting – is to shoot multiple exposures after which photos are combined into one on the HDR technique.

The third – the right framing interior photos. Crop the photo is necessary so that the design of the room was solid, and can clearly be seen. The design of the hall, kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom to be playable on the interior photos so that the integrity of the interior was palpable.

Interior picture quality

Ordering us to an interior photograph, you will get high-quality photos of your interior as well as our professional interior photographer will not leave any important element of the interior without attention.

You can be sure about the result of interior photo shoot.

Selling your home is guaranteed thanks to the quality of indoor photos, and clients of the hotel, the hotel restaurant, looking at photos of hotel interior photos, pictures Hotels, respectively, on the Internet will certainly want to see all their eyes and attend you.

After a preliminary conversation with the customer, we define the necessary equipment for lighting. To this end, our photographer in advance goes to the object, and rasschivaet what equipment he would need.

After that it is planned and agreed with you leaving on an interior photography. It is necessary to plan a time of interior shooting, because natural light can both help take pictures of the interior, and in the way. Unwanted reflections on the pictures we do not need, and therefore need to determine the location of the object and the time of the photo shoot of the interior.


At the same time thanks to a professional photo retouching we will be able to remove some of the extra facilities according to your wishes.

Retouch your photos shine and luster to the guidance of your interior photos are also possible.

Retouch photos interior made you as possible. Price your retouched photos of interior will be from 10 $.

I can raise the shade so that it was clear that there is and remove unnecessary glare. Even a picture from the phone after my retouch interior photos will look luscious and attractive! Certainly not as if I was photographing, but still!

Integrating 3D objects in the interior

And another important point! I’ve been doing 3D modeling, and thus enter into the interior of the 3D object, it is possible for you! That is, you can order an interior photo with “bare walls” and we place it expensive items, furniture, design, and the like.


Book photographer for the interior of your goals and get high quality results!

And yet! If you are an aspiring designer, master of repair or another talented artist, but at the beginning of his creative career – for you can discount up to 100%, if it is an interesting idea and interior.

Price interior photos

Price interior pictures varies from 100 $ per object. Price interior photo shoot depends on the city, location of the object. But the base price of interior photos Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro) starts at 300 USD for an object, which is located near the city center, and a price increase takes place depending on the distance from the center (equipment for photography of the interior must somehow deliver on the object).

If you have the desire to stay in the interior, there was an interesting idea, or there were no comments or any questions, please call or e-mail (Contact form is below).

Quality of your images, the forces and the best wishes of the photographer Alexander Zabolotny.

Wishing you peace, harmony and happiness photographer Alexander Zabolotny.

Details about the photo shoots, the prices and conditions or our souvenirs you will find the appropriate link.

If you have a desire to enjoy retouching photos, or have any questions svetlokorektsii, or color correction, toning, creating photo books.

There is a need to remove any defect with pictures, which depicts a favorite moment of life, or any other questions.

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