Night photo Ukraine


Night photo Ukraine

Night photo Ukraine, or a photo on a long exposure, most admire me. Here as on the hunt. You need to choose an angle. Set the desired exposure. To lurk and wait for the very moment that will give the most interesting photo.

What you need for a night photo

So. To obtain a scoring night photograph, it is necessary / desirable to have a suitable lens. Remove from a tripod, or other sure support surface. But it is from the lens that most of the photo depends – the sharpness of the image. If you have a conventional, whale lens, and the object is dark to make a quality night photo will be difficult and that’s why.

What are the settings for a night photo?

You choose a long shutter speed, up to a few seconds, and focus on the object translate “manually”, that is, the “M” mode, or the manual on the lens. Because the window of the camera is almost nothing to see, and even more so in the night forest.

Фотоефект без фотошопу, намет, фотоефект світловий пензель, ночная фотография, палатка, луна, туризм, туристы, луна
Ночная фотография. Фотошкола предлагает освоить мастерство ночной фотографии.

How to focus at night photography

To better focus for a photo at a slow shutter speed, the only way out is to switch to the “Lv” mode, which means LiveView, and when you zoom in on the subject, zoom in on the desired part of the frame and focus on it in the manual mode of the lens.

Then, with the adjusted focal length and sharpness returning to the normal scale, we check the composition, the aperture.

You can make a test photo. If the photo is not responsible, that is, you can check it at home and in extreme cases, if the sharpness is not sufficient, just “cry quietly” (:-() and all … – then you can leave everything as they were.

And if you decide at all costs to make a high-quality night photo on a long exposure, or you can not make it substandard, as you carry out the order. What then?

Focusing with auxiliary lighting during night photography

Then you need an assistant, and a light. The two of them go to the object, which you sharpened. While the object highlights the assistant – you adjust the sharpness more qualitatively, either automatically or again, in the manual.

портрет чоловіка, портрет шотландця
портер чоловіка біля вогнища у шотландському національному одязі

Having adjusted the image sharpness, having preliminary found out all values of an exposition, we give a command on light switching-off and we carry out shooting.

We repeat this as many times as you need to get a moral and aesthetic pleasure, and together with you, the customer and all the spectators.

Night photography, requirements, examples

Below in the gallery there is a night photograph, which I happened to do at different periods of my life. I really like photos taken using the so-called “light brush” method.

Night photography requires patience and skills, but nothing is impossible.

Photo school – how to learn to photograph with a digital camera

All the secrets and details of how and what camera settings affect the result, how long it takes to master the techniques of a long exposure, a light brush. What mistakes are made in the initial stages of beginners. I tell all this in my course in photography.

Our photo school offers to master the skill of night photography with us together.

How we organize training

We will leave on an object that you are interested in and make together such a photograph on a long exposure, a photo at night, which you want. And to that, by the fire, we will exchange a few secrets of a pernicious photo shoot. That is, it will be a master class of night photography on the road.

Classes are also conducted on a remote basis, Skype.

We will teach you this. Moreover, we will be able to repeat the photo of famous masters, made on a long excerpt, which you are most interested in.

With the wish of peace and harmony, photographer Zabolotny Alexander!

More on “Professional Reporting Photographer Services”

Details on the photo session price and terms, or our souvenirs you will find on the appropriate link. If you have a desire to order photo retouching, or questions have arisen on light correction, or on color correction, toning, creating a photobook. Below are the details for the contact.

Our “Sсhool of photography from the studio of Alexander Zabolotny” offers to master the skills of setting cameras, adjusting digital cameras for photography photography. We can quickly teach you to take pictures and take night photos, photos on a long exposure.

To do this, just click on the link “Sсhool of photography from the studio of Alexander Zabolotny”, read our proposals, or call us on +380672821341 or +380500701746, you can write to skype (zabolotnyiAN), well, after filling in the form below and leaving the question .

You will certainly get an answer.

Retouch photos

If there is a need to remove any defect from the photo, which depicts a favorite moment of life, or any other issues.

Fill out the following form, contact me by phone or skype.

Remove the defect from the photo price, make a photocorrection photos price 15 UAH.

How to organize photo retouching online

Terms of work are as follows:

You will write to me.
I’m contacting you.
You forward the photo to me by e-mail.
After executing the photo retouching, I send you the result for approval, with my logo.
After you liked the result – you send me money on the card, and I give you your photo, in real size, without the logo, prepared for printing.
Of course, it is possible to print a photo you want to retouch or send it by mail. Make yourself a gift, order photo retouching.

+38 067 282 13 41

+38 050 07 017 46

skype: zabolotnyiAN

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