Photos of night storm

фотографія блискавки, грози на тлі нічного сільського пейзажу

Photos of night storm

This time I bring to your attention Photos of night storm in the night scenery or a night photograph on a long exposure. In general, photography at night has many features of the subtleties that need to be understood and felt. After all, night photography teaches the very essence, the philosophy of photography – drawing with light.

This time I was lucky that with a very comfortable home balcony in front of me unfolded a whole action in the center of which of course there was a thunder and lightning! And it was for everything at a convenient time. Thanks to this, we got such pictures of a night storm.

I’m a professional photographer. My name is Alexander. My specialization in photography is reportage photography, subject photography, interior photography and, as a hobby – night photography on a long exposure. That’s why, when there is a thunderstorm in the night sky, lightning, – I grab the camera and hurry to capture it.

What should be noted is that it can take quite a long time from a thunderstorm to a thunderstorm. Therefore, an error in the settings of the camera, in the very method of photographing the night lightning, will lead to an offensive, sometimes long waiting for the next time.

Of course I did not get these photos right away. I had to read a lot and experiment a lot. And now I’m ready to make beautiful night photos and share this with you.

How to make night photos of thunderstorms

To learn how to make nighttime photos of a thunderstorm you need to sort out a few basic concepts. Namely, what is needed for the diaphragm above 9-11 units. And this is necessary for a clear display of the entire landscape, so that the depth of the sharply depicted space is the maximum that your lens and camera will allow. Then you need to understand that night photography is done on a large, sometimes even a few minutes, exposure. And, of course, understand that in such conditions, when against a black sky the flash of lightning lasts a fraction of a second. So, in order to catch it, you need to raise ISO to a normal value, which is also related to the quality of the lens and camera.

I am happy to share with you my knowledge and therefore decided to open such a section in my practice as a photography school. I will be glad to share with you my skills of professional night photography.

The price for my professional photographer services is on the corresponding page. I will be pleased to fulfill your orders.

Meet my interior photo, subject photography. I’m working on a reportage photo.

Write about your impressions! Thank you!

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