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order photobook by Alexander Zabolotny studio you can directly on this page

What we offer to order a photobook, what are the advantages over conventional photo books and photo album. On this and other later in this article.
  • Modern technologies allow to have thousands of photos on your computer, but only some of them are worthy of print.
  • We suggest you to make a beautiful and modern design of your best and most favorite photos in a photo book.
  • Photobook allows arrange your stories more vivid and touching, or strict and businesslike.
  • The photo book can be issued a catalog of your products and will be easier to demonstrate your product is not on individual photos and a photo book.
  • In addition, it will look more solid.

order the photobook

photobook from Studios Alexandr Zabolotnyi, price and how to order. To calculate the price of photo books – click on the image.
замовити фотокнигу
To calculate the price photobooks – click on image

order photobook

Our studio offers photobook order by calling us, or by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

Significant advantages photobook compared to the photo album:

  • the appearance of a much more original album photo books;
  • we will create a unique design of the design cover and spreads, it is in our hands!
  • Internal print spreads in the darkroom (perfect quality, archival photo storage life more than 100 years), the choice of photo paper: Fuji matte chandelier, Fuji silk, Fuji metallic;
  • The book opens with a 180-degree, one-piece U-turn without creases pages that violate the general impression of the composition;
  • turns on only glued plastic whose thickness is 1mm or 0.5 mm – choice.
  • Prices are not stratified, do not bend, break them impossible. Plastic well-proven as the most durable and good material;
  • in the photo book is always a story – it is 100% a lot more interesting than just view photos.

The main theme for design photo books:

Wedding photobook

Wedding photobook- kind photo books, very popular among honeymooners. The book – it is very proper and safe investment. All that remains after the wedding – a ring record of registration and photos you want to keep a long memory.

Photobook Love Story

Photobook Love Story – or original framed portrait photo book is the best declaration of love and an expression of tender feelings.

Photobook Portfolio

Very impressive portfolio looks for patterns in the form of a photobook. There are no women who do not like to be photographed! Do you have a lot of favorite photos? Or make a professional photo shoot in our studio! Combine them into your own portfolio! Photobook is ideal for this.

Anniversary photobook

Anniversary photo book – will be a great souvenir photo book to the birthday, an anniversary or a photobook photobook for an anniversary for you, your close friends, colleagues or relatives.

family photobook

Family photobook – a kind of archive of your memory, which stores the most memorable and exciting moments that happened to you or your relatives.

Children photo book

Children photo book – this is the most expensive memory! Order a photo session with your baby, because it changes day by day, month after month, year after year. We, of course, do not miss the moment and capture his first smile, first tooth, the very first step …

The first baby photo book will allow you to relive all those wonderful moments.

about traveling Photobook

leave everlasting memories of an unforgettable holiday. Returning from a trip, you bring a lot of impressions, tan, smile and plenty of photographic material. Most often, it will remain in your computer or on the disk. Some of the photos you’re bound printed for collection. But the best way to preserve the memory of these wonderful days of rest – to issue a photo book theme. Chronologically, placing photos on the pages of this book will help to remember how it was great!
The book is convenient to stay in the closet, and, who knows, maybe with time you have formed a collection of books with your travel. Book a souvenir – treat yourself!

Souvenir photo book, Corporate photobook.

Do not know what to give to friends, relatives, colleagues, boss? The best gift – a book. Especially if it’s photobook! Collect photographic material accumulated and we will create a photo book for him. We are sure at 100%, it is like.

photobook – school yearbook

school yearbook, issued in the form of a photobook graduates will be the memory of the kindergarten, school, college.

Photo session for this event can be ordered in our studio.

In the children’s yearbook will be collected photographs of children and teachers, students and teachers, scenes from the cartoon can be used in the design, movies, different backgrounds and different collages.
The school yearbook can be placed not only pictures prom, portrait photos of students and teachers, but also wishes to each other classmates, their addresses and phone numbers. Student photo book can be a collection of photos of student days and beautiful portrait photos from prom. We will do it for you!

In fact, the ideas and themes for the decoration of countless photo books, one has only to include fantasy 🙂 … and go! You can order the photo book by calling us or writing! To do this, fill out the form below. We will call you back!

Our studio realizes your vision and create a truly unique souvenir for you!

Best photobook gift! And especially when the story of the pictures of you and that someone is a gift!

Price photobook

Price photobook can be calculated herein by reference. Or, if you leave me your e-mail and sample requests I calculate and respond very quickly.

Our prices photobook really appreciate you!

Wishing you peace, good luck and photographer Alexandr Zabolotny.

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If you have a desire to enjoy retouching photos, or have any questions svetokorektsii, or color correction, toning, creating photo books. If you need to remove any defect with pictures, which depicts a favorite moment of life, or any other questions. Fill out the form below to contact me by phone or Skype.
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