Subject photography

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Subject photography

subject to the requirements pictures

Subject photography for the site and subject matter requires a photo for the catalog correctly exposed light. Light should uniformly fall on the subject matter, with the shadow should be soft and emphasize the important features of the subject. The abrupt transition from light to shadow is not allowed. ISO size is chosen so as to avoid so-called noise. Each camera ISO noise appears at different values, but it should be as low as possible the value (up to 400 … 600 ISO).

The focal length when photographing a subject

The focal length is often chosen 50.

This focal length allows you to get an image close to the image that reproduces the human eye. Those. the distortion of the lens distorts the minimum object.

Less or more focal length gives a sense of objects deformation.


The aperture value when taking pictures of the subject

Aperture is selected depending on the desired depth of field.

If you want to represent only a small fraction of sharp, blur and everything else, to make a so-called bokeh – choose the smallest aperture.

Subject picture of the city layout, horse layout, the layout of the bus, the rider layout
Subject picture of the city layout with shallow depth of field

If you want to represent as much of a sharp – choose large aperture 8 to the maximum value at which the diffraction of your lens does not manifest itself. Usually up to 20.

Subject photography glass objects, stone apple
Subject photography glass objects

Depending on the light intensity, aperture and ISO, elected at the first steps will select the shutter speed.

Exposure is to give a picture at normal exposure. Often extract this gives great. And “with hands” picture turns out not sharp. It appears blur, so-called “camera shake”.

Then it is necessary to use a tripod and remote control, or shutter lag.

Order Subject photography

Order Subject photography, you can right here. To do this, fill out the form located at the bottom or call +38 067 282 13 41 or +38 050 07 017 46.

Product photographer Alexander expects that you need to order substantive photo call – agree!

Successful angles and beautiful pictures.

Drop me a comment below, or click on the link.

Subject photography price

Author accepts orders for substantive picture. Price subject of your photo depends on the appropriate treatment and the technical conditions that Customer presents, amount and term of the subject items for the photo shoot.

Estimated price objective picture is obtained UAH 15 for a photo that will be accepted by the Customer.

Detail photo shoot, prices and conditions, and our souvenirs you will find the appropriate link.

Retouch photos subject

If you have a desire to enjoy retouching photos of the subject, or have any questions light correction, or color correction, toning, creating photo books. If you need to remove any defect with pictures, which depicts a favorite moment of life, or any other questions. Fill out the form below to contact me by phone or Skype.

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