Professional photographer Alexander Zabolotny

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Professional photographer Alexander Zabolotny

Information about the professional photographer Alexander Zabolotny page to contact the author.

This page contains information on how to contact the professional photographer from Dnepropetrovsk Alexander Zabolotny, order a photo shoot, photos, photo reportage or interior photo, photo session for children, the professional photographer for the event and ask questions about photo retouching, restoration of old photos and create photo books.

The author can be reached at the phone numbers listed below, or write, completing the form, just below to send questions. Here is Skype for communication with the author.

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reportage and interior professional photographer Alexander Zabolotny, Dnepropetrovsk
reportage and interior professional photographer from Dnepropetrovsk Alexander Zabolotny
+38 067 282 13 41
+38 050 07 017 46
skype: zabolotnyiAN


On this page we present information about our studio, how to contact us, and where we are.

If you have any questions or suggestions – contact me by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Information about the studio and the author.

Interior Photo

Baby photos

My name is Alexander, I’m рrofessional photographer.

My favorite direction in pictures – interior photography and reportage, and another picture of the landscape and night scene. I really like the photographs of cities at night. Dynamic Photo flying lights CAR or more static picture ilyuminatsii city.

I live in the moment, in Dnepropetrovsk. But I love to visit different towns and villages. At the new place there will always be something that will want to take a picture.

I enjoy taking pictures in the studio.

I think its specialization field photography, photo studio, interior and substantive photo shoot. I had to do Subject photography for websites. And you could see the portraits of the following page.

Evening photo as a photo on a large exposure fascinates me. And this I do for the soul. I enjoy taking pictures at night, in the evening, when it is necessary to use restraint in a few seconds. As a result, out of the darkness there are various objects that are not visible to any vspishkoyu or at low shutter speeds. Go – Polyubopytstvuyte you exactly like my night landscapes.

Ftoografii colors. How can you not take a camera in hand and not try to capture these lovely, blooming, colorful plants. They appear in our home since violets, Phalaenopsis and many other different. And in the spring – the flowers are blooming, insects fly. How can you not pick up the camera. After all, only it allows you to stop a moment, not only in our memory, but also to share with loved ones.

Offer your professional photographer.

+38 067 282 13 41

+38 050 07 017 46

skype: zabolotnyiAN

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