Photographer for corporate parties

професійний фотограф репортажної фотографії, фотограф для корпоратива, фотограф для дня народжения

Photographer for corporate parties

corporate parties of the company Sea of beer, Birthday 7 years

I present to your attention the page: “Photographer for corporate parties”. The photo for the corporate and other holiday refers to the section of the reportage photo. It does not provide for special retouching, and photography is conducted in the “as is” mode.

The author of the site is pleased to take on the work of photographing corporate events, events, celebrations, birthday and other reportage photos.

What you need for a good reportage corporate photo

For successful shooting of the reportage, the photographer for the corporate should see in advance the location of the survey. After all, different equipment may be required. Depending on the lighting conditions of the room in which the survey will take place, weather conditions in the open air and other reasons beyond our control, one flash and several soft boxes may be needed. All equipment that may be needed will be found and installed after examining the location of the photo session. The options will be offered by me, and you will choose the most suitable for you.

In order that, professional reportage photographer, Photographer for corporate parties, could offer you the most interesting result of reportage photos, I need to meet with you in advance on the site of the alleged photography, to examine everything and discuss everything.

Photographer for corporate parties on the shooting of the company “Sea of beer”

Sometimes shooting can stretch for a whole day, as it was on the corporate holiday of the Sea Beer company. Photos from the birthday of this fun and friendly company are presented below in the gallery.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with our prices for photo shoots in the city of Dnepr and also get acquainted with other reportage photos of a professional reportage photographer. In advance I can say that the first hour of the photographer for the corporate will cost at least 400 UAH, and the subsequent cost 300 UAH / hour. The price can vary from the venue of the corporate party, the holiday and from the necessary equipment.

Perhaps you will be interested in the photos made by the author in the photo studio, which is also a good option for replacing the reportage photography for more predictable lighting conditions, and, therefore, the best result in the world.

But of course in the studio it’s difficult to get those emotions that reign during this holiday, they can not be compared with professional models, their emotions, as in the case of live photography of the event.

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