Reportage photographer

весільне фото, весільний фотограф

Reportage photographer

Good day, my dear visitors! Welcome reportage photographer Alexander Zabolotny!

Our studio offers reportage photography on favorable terms. We guarantee quality, and you spend it on a reasonable price. Price shoots, which we offer is the link. But you can order approximately reportage photographer is cheap, as low as 300 USD per hour reportage. For the most interesting events are possible discounts!

What is reportage photography and some preparatory setup needed, you can read here.

When I needed reportage photographer

invited to an event like a wedding, at graduation from school, a feast or a birthday, as well as at the corporate or official reception.

весільне фото, весільний фотограф
репортажная фотография со свадьбы Владимира и Тамилы, свадебное фото
репортажный фотограф, свадебное фото, фотосессия в студии
репортажный фотограф – фотосессия в студии, фотография свадьбы Владимира и Тамилы
репортажна фотографія, свято міста, козаки, козацьке селфі
козацьке селфі
репортажна фотографія, портрет чоловіка, портрет шотландця
портрет чоловіка біля вогнища у шотландському національному одязі
планер, фотографія маламута
фотосесія з маламутом

Reportage Photo price

Price reportage photography in this case will vary depending on whether it will be staged photography, or it will report as such.

Price mere reportage time will cost UAH 300 first hour, and the next 200 UAH, extra. Full 6 hour day will cost 1000 USD. That is 300 UAH discounts. Prices are exclusive of reportage photography and retouching special detailed photo processing. All pictures, which 100 pieces are aligned with the light and shade, not overexposed and not quite dark, there is a normal picture without a special retouching. At this first stage is over and the payment is made. Retouch photos price is 10 USD, depending on the amount of work you choose. That is, we are, in a second step, select the photo reportage from a photo shoot, which will need to retouch, I’ll do all the work on retouching and after your approval of the result you pay for photo retouching, separately.

Need a reportage photographer

If you need a reportage photographer or have me any questions – please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, I will contact you.

Reviews reortazhny photographer Alexander Zabolotny can be seen on Facebook or VKontakte.

Terms which will be held reportage photo session should be thoroughly discussed, but we are interested in that you want and the price of a photo shoot at the wedding, and the quality of the photos.

Moreover, I have extensive experience in photo retouching, including retouching reportage photography when you need to remove any foreign object, or to focus the viewer’s attention to the fact, or illuminate a dark place or darken highlights. Therefore, in terms of retouching photos, you can have peace of mind.

ретушування фотографії, ретуш весільної фотографії, ретушована фотографія до та після
ретушована фотографія до та після, на наших фото ретуш не кидається в очі, а виглядає істотно

Order reportage photography can be right here by filling out the form below.

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Wishing you peace, harmony and happiness Alexander Zabolotny. Detail of photo shoots, prices and conditions, and our souvenirs you will find the appropriate link. If you have a desire to enjoy retouching photos, or have any questions svitlokorektsii, or color correction, toning, creating photo books. If you need to remove any defect with pictures, which depicts a favorite moment of life, or any other questions. Fill out the form below to contact me by phone or Skype.



+38 067 282 13 41

+38 050 07 017 46

skype: zabolotnyiAN

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