Souvenirs from the studio

предметна фотографія

Souvenirs from the studio

The following article deals with the souvenirs from the studio.

Your image on the glass – the first time and exclusively:

we offer an image of your logo or advertising information on the glass.

Such souvenirs from the studio is only for us!

Any of your image will be placed on the glass. It really is a new offer on the market!

souvenirs, the image on the glass color

сувеніри від фотостудії

Magnets on the fridge, the image on the glass, posters and calendars, framed photos. Possible transfer from the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

Magnets on the fridge

Magnets on the fridge in the range of such gifts may include your photo or photos that you liked on our website.

Our magnets are unique in that you can send us a picture and we will insert it in the ordered magnet. You can also take a photo in the studio and get a magnet with this image. Such a souvenir from our studio will help remind you of the happiest moments of life.

Large rectangular magnets on the fridge.

Size small magnet on the refrigerator body 92 by 65 millimeters and the size of the image is inserted 85 to 56 millimeters.

Small rectangular magnets on the fridge.

Case size 78 small magnets on 52milimetriv and the size of the image is installed on the 71 45mm.

The image on the glass

souvenirs, the image on the glass color
souvenirs from the souvenirs from the studio photo studio: the image on the glass in color
image on black and white glass
souvenirs from the studio: the image on the glass in black and white
Photo Studio Alexander Zabolotny recommends exclusive gift – the picture on the glass.

This souvenir from our studio is really exclusive and looks very impressive!

Imagine your boss or a colleague depicted with your company logo. And this image is, for example, in the negotiation where you meet colleagues from a partner company or at the Reception.

Also at this exclusive gifts can be displayed family or loved one, and the portrait will be placed in the center of your attention.

This is not a simple, primitive frame with a photo, here we see immediately that you give this picture and this picture a special place in your life!

There is such a souvenir only 450 UAH.

For your exclusive gift to choose an image or make it in our studio. Term of manufacturing of this unique souvenir – one week.

Posters, posters, calendars – printing, design

print calendars
souvenirs from the studio: print calendars
Our studio develops models and various posters prints, posters and calendars. A daily reminder of the happy events of life will give a wall calendar, a poster or a poster.

Dimensions calendar can be the slightest pocket calendar to the calendar format A0 (841 to 1189 mm).

Print feature

Single-sided color printing.
Photographic quality!
Poster Paper City light density of 150 g / m2. Finland.
Large format printing on plotters interior
Quality – Premium.


Our studio will make every effort to implement your plan and create a truly unique souvenir for you!

Order photo book here

Calculate the price of your own photo books here.

Souvenirs from the studio is really the right decision, and the memory for a long time!

It remains only to our order – or rather, your gift. To do this, just give us a call or send a message via Skype:

+38 067 282 13 41

+38 050 07 017 46

skype: zabolotnyiAN

or contact me by filling out the form below:

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Write about your impressions! Thank you!

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