Object photo for the site and online store

предметная фотография для сайта и интернет магазинов

Object photo for the site and online store

A object photo for the site and online store and the Internet shop – I offer the services in this sphere. Below, in the gallery are photographs taken by me for the site, an online store that sells machinery for food production and restaurants, as well as food-producing large enterprises.

This series of photographs, which is presented in the photo gallery, was made by order of one firm, which is just starting to make its own website and does not yet have its own design. In the series are presented as photographs of metal glossy objects, both metallic matte and painted objects. Also in the series are photos of objects with transparent elements and illumination.

The complexity of this photo session was that the objects were large, cumbersome and the survey was carried out in the warehouse, with the lighting that they had installed. Nevertheless, I think the whole photo shoot was successful

Photos of objects are made for mixers, meat mincers and other apparatus for cooking food, both finished and semi-finished.

To order a professional photographer for a subject photo for a site or an online store, please call:



Call, write in the comments – with pleasure I will answer all questions.

The cost of one photo taken by you, the quality you need, i.е. After retouching and finishing “up to the mind” and approval by you of its suitability – is from 2 $ for one piece.

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