professional photographer is presented – object photo of leather goods, bags.

предметная фотография кожаных изделий, сумка Армани

Object photo of leather goods, bags

Greetings, dear visitor! On this page my work as a professional photographer is presented – a object photo of leather goods, namely bags.

According to the idea of ​​the customer photos of bags he needed for the site, online store of leather goods. The task was to get quality photos of leather bags. Purpose – photos for sale online store. The customer sells leather products in his own online store in Instagram.

In general, I’m happy to take photos for the online store. There are many positive moments. There is always the opportunity to “twist” the product, choosing the optimal angle, which would provide all the necessary and important information about the subject. To expose so light to emphasize the merits of objective photography, in the shadow to take away important and not informative details. In general, the subject is very exciting.

Postprocessing a object photo is an important part of this category of photography. But, often, site owners donate this, mistakenly thinking that the site can do without retouching. This is certainly not the case. After all, tasty, bright photography – she attracts attention, delays glances, beckons the visitor to go further to your site. And this, as you know, is a good indicator for failures, time on the site, which leads to improvement in the rating.

Therefore, especially for leather goods, for photos of bags, we have always chosen a spectacular approach – almost macro photography. In combination with a sharp transition from light to shadow, which is typical for male photographs, and bags were male, the result was quite attractive. Yes, you yourself can see it in the gallery below.

The result of my object photography you can see in the gallery, which is presented below.

I wish you pleasant viewing and I expect new orders from you.

You can contact me here by writing a comment or by phone. : +38 050 07 017 46 or +38 067 282 13 41.

I would be grateful if you leave here your impressions of my work, just a few words in the comments. This may be comments from professional photographers, marketers. Or other emotions, but it is important that these are emotions, because this is the only possible feedback.

Write about your impressions! Thank you!

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