Subject photography houseplants

Предметна фотографія павутина в променях світанку

Subject photography houseplants

It happens, you wake up early in the morning, you will start to water the flowers and then you see the beauty, when the dawn droplets play colors, sparkle and burn and get a substantive picture houseplant.

And in the subject photography houseplants course it is important to catch the moment with the best light. We need to quickly set the apparatus to catch the light, sprinkle with water, in order to revive the picture, create a sense of freshness.

Generally requires objective picture quality, but because the need, of course, a lens that will cope with this task.

Subject photography for Internet, e-shop

If the photo is made for the Internet, where the image of the object, like this immature lemon and web with water droplets, is intended to show in a small settlement, it is possible to use, for practice and transfer the mood in photography, obkektivom and Kitovym (usually, is sold with the camera) .

Subject photography for the catalog

But objective picture for the catalog requires a good quality field. The picture for the catalog can be no artifacts related to the quality of the lens. Even at high magnification, the directory must have a photo Horsham sharpness! And this is a task for a good lens!

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But I work so the work here they are pictures:

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